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【25 great privileges ☆ Wedding 2nd Organization SURPRISE PLAN】 Celebrate with overwhelming production! Draft beer included 120 minutes [Drinking] 3600 yen

【25 great privileges ☆ Wedding 2nd Organization SURPRISE PLAN】 Celebrate with overwhelming production! Draft beer included 120 minutes [Drinking] 3600 yen

By using a coupon3600 yen

tax included

  • 25items
  • 10-60persons
All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes drunk drink

Reservation deadline
Seven days before arrival desired date until 18 o'clock
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Marvelous suggests the second party of wedding ceremonies which both the leading role and attendant memories remain.

Course menu

★ Various privileges & surprises for exciting wedding ceremonies ★

25 Great Benefits ☆ PACKAGE MENU

Surprise directing for the bride and groom ※ We will inform you of the details here at the store.(Memorial Movie)

Welcome cocktail for toast for bride and groom / Opening movie making for entrance to the bride / groom / Free invitation letter

Bride and groom daughter free / lending at the time of audio equipment charter / lending of projector / acting on the progress of the moderator

Bingo machine / Cheki lending / bride and groom invented original wedding cocktail making

Private place for 50 guests warranty / Hall charter for 30 persons warranty / offer for tertiary meeting place

Preparation for change funds / Safe deposit / Outside hours reservation / Writing utensils, BGM for lending / weddings etc.

Attendance list preparation / Progress content proposal / Timetable creation / 20% OFF for food and beverage when meeting

Champagne Tower Service / Venue Extension to 150 minutes (Including reception hours)

Hall cake gift · Surprise benefits to choose Memorial movie or album creation


Champagne tower 5000 yen

Fruit champagne tower 8000 yen

Opening movie for entrance to the bride and groom creation 10000 yen

Movement director memorial DVD creation 15000 yen

Photo album creation 15000 yen

Bouquet to bride and groom or bouquet 3000 yen ~

TAPIO special made original wedding cake made by pastry cheese 8000 yen ~

Caricature cake 10000 yen ~

Flower shower 2000 yen


Golden Ratio Mixed Nuts

Assorted salami

Caprese of tomato and mozzarella

Goku smoked

Tortilla avocado dip

Assorted dessert

For other, please contact us by phone ☆

Also, please do not hesitate to consult us about anything not mentioned.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Gin base / Vodka base / Tequila base / Ram base / Cassis base / Peach base / Lychee base / Melon base / Strawberry base / Malibu base / Campari base / Green tea base / Kalua base / Yogurt base / Milk base
· Suntory The Mortes
· Tavernello (Red · White) / Kitty / Cardinal / Keel / Operator / Splitzer / Carimocho / American Lemonade
· Collection of heavy snow [Asahikawa] (cold · hot spring)
· Shochu
· Lime High / Lime Sour / Lemon High / Lemon Sour / Greiflu Hye / Greful Sour / Green Tea High / Cork High / Oolong Hi / Ginger High Various Drinking Methods (Rock, Water Split, Soda Cracker)
· Jim beam / various types of drinks (rock, straight, water split, high ball, cola split, tonic split, ginger split)
·Plum wine
· Various drinking methods (rock, water, soda, ginger)
·Non-alcoholic cocktails
· Saratoga cooler / Pineapple cooler / Shirley temple / Summer day light / Night star / fruit punch / pussy cat / blueberry milk / blueberry mooni / caramel milk / leave it to you
·Soft drink
· Green tea / Oolong tea / Coca cola / Ginger ale / Grapefruit juice / Tonic water / Pineapple juice / Tomato juice / Orange juice (Use 100% juice all! Use it deliciously.)

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